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We understand the cost of compliance from our 15 years in training. But to ensure our software fulfils all your major issues Veri Integrated training carried out a survey of 30 Quality Assured Training Providers asking them what were their biggest compliance costs in the administration of their Training Centres.

The following are the some of the quantitative and qualitative results.

The statistics below (at high level) illustrate the responses around time and priority issues:

  • Course Preparation and Planning

  • Course Delivery

  • Course Evaluation

Question Asked



What is the most time consuming in preparation for training programmes?

Course creation, compiling material and ensuring version control


What is the most time consuming in delivery of training programmes?

Tracking and recording learner progress and assessment results


What is the priority after training delivery for successful achievement of student outcomes?

Evaluation achievement of outcomes to verify Quality Assurance


  • Duplication

    Doubling up a problem – having to transcribe from spreadsheets to Skillnet system. Would appreciate a unified accounting package

  • Tracking

    Looking for something that would activate the assigned learner/prospect code to the consultant/tutor and have all calls/contact conversations allocated to this code recorded just as for emails

  • Excel

    Have to use Excel, as have no other package

  • Integration

    Something that integrates our records, very important

  • Cloud

    Looking for something that is cloud based

  • Consistency

    As we are Skillnet funded, this is very important

  • Evaluation and Attendance

    It is very important to effectively evaluate our training and improve our attendance recording procedures