“There is no alternative to digital transformation.
Visionary companies will carve out new strategic options for themselves, those that don’t adapt, will fail.”

-Jeff Bezos

An Experience of Emerging

24 hours with the most Non-Compliant, Risk takers we at Veri have ever seen! Working weekends has been par for the course, since we at VERI launched last October, as is working with clients who […]

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Veri ann marie

A quality solution with a quality team

When Veri Integrated Training was a Beta product for our sister training company Iresource , we knew the pain involved in ensuring consistency in course quality, communications and outputs. This gave us the basis for the exisiting sofware, but we […]

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frank veri

A quality solution with a quality team

I was introduced to Franklin Covey and all about the seven habits of highly effective people by a mentor about  10 years ago and I find there uses constantly keep re-emerging on this Start Up journey . The […]

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henry ford

Faster Horses … and disruptive technology

Henry Ford , the great innovator, explained that his invention the Model T was a transport solution that his  customer didn’t know they wanted. Cars were for the rich , not  accessible to them , so he came up with a solution, an affordable motorcar. Sitting […]

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learning-curve Veri

The Lean Learning Curve- Software Development for non techie

It was a sharp learning curve deciding that I was going to build my own software for somebody that wasn’t very good at programming the sky remote. As well as the motivation to solve the […]

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happy new year from Veri

A ” Veri ” Happy New Year

New Year, New Tech Start Up, New Blog to share our Journey After seven successful years of my business growing in the training world, I had a problem and that was being able to scale to more […]

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